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8 Delicious Latte Flavours to Try

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If you ask my hubby what his favourite coffee is, the answer will always be a latte.  He loves nothing better than a latte from the coffee machine or even from Starbucks or Costa.  But the fun thing about latte drinks is that there isn’t just one – there’s a whole range of delicious latte flavours to try.

What is latte again?

In case you aren’t a latte fan like my husband, here’s a quick intro into what the basic latte is in terms of the many types of coffee we can all enjoy.

A latte is bigger than a cappuccino with a stronger coffee flavour and more steamed milk.  It is similar to a flat white but not quite as much coffee and has a foam layer than makes for the perfect drink.  It is also available for most good coffee machines so you can enjoy them at home.

What is a flavoured latte?

A flavoured latte is simply a normal latte that has some kind of flavouring in it.  Yep, it is that simple!

The fun thing about flavoured lattes is that you can buy ready-made ones such as coffee machine flavours.  Or you can make your own and add your favourite flavours.  So, you might get vanilla latte or a caramel one in the shop.  You can have a choco-caramel with rum latte!

How to make flavoured lattes

The easiest way to make a flavoured latte is to make a normal latte and then add some syrup to give it the flavour you want.  If you pop into the local coffee shop that serves different versions of the drink, you will often see a row of bottles on the shelf, ready to add that flavour as needed.

One of my favourite sets of syrups is the Monin range.  They make syrups that are great to flavour coffee, use in cocktails or even to add to baking.  They are high quality, made with natural flavours, and very easy to use.  You can even get syrup pumps for their larger bottles to make dispensing your favourite syrup easy!

Can you flavour a latte without syrup?

If you are worried about the sugar content of syrup or just don’t like the flavours, then there are other ways to flavour your latte.  The easiest way is to use a flavoured protein powder.  This adds the extra taste and also gives your drink a bit of a boost that helps you go through the day without snacking a little easier.

8 ideas for delicious latte flavours

Now we know what a latte is and how to flavour it, let’s start with some ideas of what kind of flavours you can make.  There’s no limit to the variations but it is always great to start with a few basics.

Vanilla latte

The vanilla latte is the classic latte flavour.  It adds that extra touch of sweetness to the drink without the sugar overload that other flavours add.  The key is to get a good vanilla syrup that lets you add a bit of sweetness but not too much.

vanilla latte and a normal latte

Torani’s vanilla syrup is popular in lots of coffee shops.  It is a French Vanilla made from pure cane sugar and uses natural flavourings.  It can be used in cold drinks as well as hot ones.

Monin is the one in my cabinet and theirs is an Madagascan vanilla that has a custard-like vanilla flavour which is perfect for coffees.  It is allergen and gluten-free with no artificial colours of flavours.

Caramel latte

Next up in the sweetness stakes is the caramel latte.  Caramel makes for a rich and buttery drink that is sweeter than the vanilla flavour but still not as sweet as just dumping some sugar into the drink.

Then there’s the world of salted caramel.  I never thought that it would be something I would like but it is irresistible, that mixture of sweet and salt.  You can easily get both normal caramel syrups as well as salted caramel versions.  There are also even sugar-free versions but that kind of seems to be against the point for me!

Mocha latte

A mocha latte is one of those latte flavours that doesn’t use syrup but instead calls for a sauce.  But it is still pretty easy to make at home.

latte flavours - mocha

Also known as a ‘caffe mocha’ it is made by steaming chocolate powder with milk and then adding espresso.  You can also make it by just adding chocolate syrup if you want a simple option and even try things like white chocolate powder or syrup if you are a fan.

Hazelnut latte

There are two options to make a hazelnut latte.  The first is to use a straight-up hazelnut syrup to make the drink have a nutty flavour.  The other way is to use French Vanilla syrup.

French vanilla is made by mixing vanilla with hazelnut.  So get a good quality French vanilla syrup, and you have a hazelnut latte.  Try them both and see what you prefer!

Coconut latte

I’m not a big coconut fan but if you do love this flavour, then adding coconut syrup will make for a delicious and simple upgrade to your standard latte.  Coconut lattes are also great for an iced coffee version because the refreshing flavour of the coconut works just as well as cold as hot.

Seasonal lattes

Another fun thing about latte flavours is that you can choose to go seasonal with what you add.

Pumpkin spice latte

This has to be the king of flavoured lattes and the one that most people will mention when asked if they know one.  Pumpkin spice everything is massive in the fall and has become so popular that many places have it available all of the time.

latte flavours - pumpkin spice latte

So it is no surprise that there are now syrups that have that pumpkin spice flavour already infused into them.  Grab one of these and make your latte as fall-flavoured as you like.

Lavender latte

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a seasonal latte really but lavender always makes me think of summer.  So I decided to put it with the seasonal drinks!  It is also a bit of a ‘trendy’ style of flavoured latte.

It definitely wins for the prettiest version of a latte with a soft purple shade.  It also works well if you use almond or oat milk in place of normal milk to enhance the flavour of the latte.  If you can’t find lavender syrup, an option would be to use a few drops of essential oil – but make sure it is food grade and suitable for eating, not just for popping into a diffuser.

A twist on this for the floral drinks fan with an even brighter colour would be to use violet syrup.  This is made from those pretty violet coloured flowers and is a milk and not overly sweet option to add to drinks.

Mint latte

Again, it may just be me but mint always makes me think of mint candy canes and Christmas, so this is my suggestion for a Christmas flavoured latte!  You can use different mint syrups or even use a little of something little crème de menthe syrup (or a mint liqueur) for an adult version.

Favourite latte flavours

These are just a few of the tons of flavours of lattes you can make with the use of a few syrups or other ingredients.  You can upgrade your latte or enjoy a favourite flavour in new ways – even making your own unique combinations!